In a Dark Place




Sometimes when you’re in a dark place
you think you’ve been buried,
but actually you’ve been planted.
~Christine Caine


We don’t understand
while buried in the dark,
that we rest planted in holy ground,
waiting for the wakening
that calls us forth to bloom and fruit.






3 thoughts on “In a Dark Place

  1. Inspiring, consoling thought, dear Emily.

    If only I had known that that was where I was for nearly 50 years of my life. It is clear now, in retrospect. I felt the darkness of the place. Little did I know, nor appreciate, that it could also be ‘holy ground.’ That understanding was to come later.

    The first lesson that I learned upon release from the loneliness and pain of forced emotional hibernation is that God is ALWAYS present in our lives. The second thing is that our time is not His time.

    And, yes, the seeds that He planted in that dark place through His Spirit did come to fruition — in a joyous outpouring of faith and trust – plus a deep desire to know Him as Father and
    later, as Jesus, His Incarnate gift to humanity.

    I received gifts that I never expected could be nascent within me – including the belief that ALL of HIS promises will be kept and that we will reap a harvest, a hundred, a thousand fold.

    A very important caveat that I learned from this transformation in my life is that I must share my experience and what I have learned with others. Good news is not to be kept to one’s own self.
    And that is how His Kingdom grows – one faith-filled (sometimes unlikely) person at a time!


  2. Your comment, and Emily’s precious faithfulness give me hope…can it be that I am not buried, forgotten, no future but continual darkness, but rather, am planted, even if it takes another 30 years to bloom. Thank God for hope and thank you for sharing His unique will for you.

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