When the Heart Slows




…bears binge on blackberries and apples,  
to satisfy the sweet hunger
that consumes them.  Just like us  
they know the day must come when   
the heart slows, when to take one   
more step would mean the end of things   
as they should be.  Sleep is a drug;   
dreams its succor.  How better to drift   
toward another world but with leaves   
falling, their warmth draping us,   
our stomachs full and fat with summer?
~Todd Davis  from “Sleep”

4 thoughts on “When the Heart Slows

  1. Haven’t got time or inclination to give this head room yet. Too much left to do. But then when are we really ready???? Full belly is not all that is needed.


  2. LATE SEPTEMBER, RARELY LANDING I can’t help wondering what awaits the solitary Monarchs one sees this time of the year–too late, it seems, to join the great migration south; too soon, by days, for beauty to expire. Do they, born perhaps on last spring’s grand flight north, make a choice? Is it fly and die, or stay and play? Either way, the end is near. If I were choosing, I’d likely stay and lose myself among the maples–who needs to follow all the others on a journey one has no hope of completing? Still, there’s something to be said for companionship no matter where it leads, regardless of the outcome. Best, I guess, to just enjoy them while they flit about the yard, from Aster to Anemone, to Late Rose rarely landing.


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