The Ease That Belongs to Simplicity




There may be restrictions to a summer’s happiness,
but the ease that belongs to simplicity
is charming enough to make up for
whatever a simple life may lack…

~Sarah Orne Jewett from The Country of the Pointed Firs



2 thoughts on “The Ease That Belongs to Simplicity

  1. The concept of ‘Simplicity’ is often misunderstood. The word sometimes gets a bad rap. It does not mean ‘simple minded.’ Actually, I find that it is often complex: It is the essence of purity, the complete lack of guile and pretension, the bare nakedness that we need when we reach out to our Creator-God and enjoy that mutual holy intimacy — and so much more….

    We are cynical beings at times — often to our detriment. We fail to see what is right before our eyes. We are always in such a hurry. We look and think that we see but we do not.
    The message and the meaning are there — right in front of us — but we fail to really ‘see’ or to grasp.
    We miss so much that could enrich our life. Perhaps that is the reason the world is lost and is in such peril and cannot find its way?


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