Be Well, Be Glad

at twenty
at 18 on Prankster for one last evening ride before I went to college and he went to a new home

At dusk, everything blurs and softens…

The horse bears me along, like grace,
making me better than what I am,
and what I think or say or see
is whole in these moments, is neither
small nor broken.  Who then
is better made to say be well, be glad,

or who to long that we, as one,
might course over the entire valley,
over all valleys, as a bird in a great embrace
of flight, who presses against her breast,
in grief and tenderness,
the whole weeping body of the world?
~Linda McCarriston from “Riding Out At Evening”

Remembering nearly three score of younger birthdays on my 59th~~

What I think or say or see is whole
in these tender moments
of my lengthening life
in this weeping world:

I am so glad to be so well.

as a yearling
as a yearling
at age two with Nancy holding baby Steve along with the Schmitz cousins
at age two with the Schmitz cousins, my baby brother in my sister’s lap
age 6 with the kindergarten car pool crowd
age 6 with the kindergarten car pool crowd
age 8
age 8
age nine
age nine
age 16
age 16 (surprise party by my next door neighbor and best friend)
age 25
age 25

9 thoughts on “Be Well, Be Glad

  1. Happy birthday! I love your posts.

    We have a few things in common: I’m about your age, I’m a Christian, my husband and many friends went to Stanford, I’m a nurse and a writer, and we live in a very small town, Cambria, right below Big Sur.

    Thank you for all you to to sweeten daily life and make us think.

    Barbara Bronson Gray

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Alles gute zum geburtstag Schone Frau! You are nearly halfway there and what a trail of love, compassion and accomplishment you have already left. You’re a hard act to follow, kid.
    Guessed at the ethnic background language. If I am wrong, Happy Birthday beautiful woman.


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