Good with Lambs

After the very bright light,
And the talking bird,
And the singing,
And the sky filled up wi’ wings,
And then the silence,

Our lads sez
We’d better go, then. Stay, Shep. Good dog, stay.

So I stayed wi’ t’ sheep.

After they’d cum back
It sounded grand, what they’d seen.
Camels and kings, and such,
Wi’ presents – human sort,
Not the kind you eat –
And a baby. Presents wes for him
Our lads took him a lamb.

I had to stay behind wi’ t’ sheep.
Pity they didn’t tek me along too.
I’m good wi’ lambs,
And the baby might have liked a dog
After all that myrrh and such.

~U.A. Fanthorpe “The Sheepdog”

Some of us feel left out of important happenings. Left at home because duty calls, or too old or ill to make the trip, or it’s just too much trouble and cost to go. We make the best of staying home with our responsibilities because that is what we are meant to do.

Yet even the most humble and lowly have something they can bring to celebrate this birth; our gift doesn’t have to be ornate and exotic or cost a fortune.

It can simply be our presence. Simply showing up. And in the case of a lowly hard-working sheepdog, it is a joyful and curious face, a tail wag, a desire to protect, and a capacity for unconditional love and care for all of God’s creation.

No doubt the baby would have liked such a dog, especially one that knows the value of this particular Lamb.


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4 thoughts on “Good with Lambs

  1. I watched a video of two Corgi’s corralling baby goats. I had no idea they were so good. Those goats didn’t move an inch without a Corgi right there to keep it in line.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Emily,
    I loved this poem, but half feared something had happened to your dog, relieved not the case! But it still made me cry because last Friday we had to put down my 12-year-old guardian dog, Raphael, who was 100% committed to his job of guarding my goats. Still, grateful for the gift of this dog all these years. Giving thanks to God always.
    Wishing you a Blessed New Year. Betsy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, Betsy, you must have a big Raphael-shaped hole in your heart! Homer is only eight years old, so I hope he’ll be with us for a while longer! I know how hard it is to lose these great partners. blessings, Emily


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