The Stones Themselves Will Start to Sing: This Mountain Shall Be Moved

By faith this mountain shall be moved
And the power of the gospel shall prevail
For we know in Christ all things are possible
For all who call upon His name
~Keith and Kristyn Getty

Canadian Coastal Range
Mt. Shuksan, North Cascades
Mt. Baker, North Cascades

At a certain point you say to the woods, to the sea, to the mountains, the world, now I am ready. Now I will stop and be wholly attentive. You empty yourself and wait, listening. After a time you hear it: there is nothing there. There is nothing but those things only, those created objects, discrete, growing or holding, or swaying, being rained on or raining, held, flooding or ebbing, standing, or spread. You feel the world’s word as a tension, a hum, a single chorused note everywhere the same. This is it: this hum in the silence…

The silence is all there is. It is the alpha and the omega. It is God’s brooding over the face of the waters. Pray without ceasing.
~Annie Dillard from Teaching a Stone to Talk

Banff Provincial Park
Mourne Mountains, Northern Ireland

I tell you the truth, 
if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, 
you can say to this mountain, 
`Move from here to there’ and it will move. 
Nothing will be impossible for you. 
Matthew 17:20

We are called in the gospel of Matthew to leave behind our helplessness when overwhelmed by life’s pervasive wilderness. He tells us to believe, even if it is only the tiniest grain of faith.

Our troubled hearts hunger for God and want to move closer to Him. 

So if we can’t make it to the mountain in the distance, our faith can move the mountain closer. God hears our plea and brings His peace to us by bringing Himself as close as the beating heart in our chest.

With such faith, with mountains moving and our hearts renewed, there will always be another Easter.

Mt. Baker

This year’s Lenten theme for Barnstorming is a daily selection from songs and hymns about Christ’s profound sacrifice on our behalf.

If we remain silent about Him, the stones themselves will shout out and start to sing (Luke 19:40).

In His name, may we sing…


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One thought on “The Stones Themselves Will Start to Sing: This Mountain Shall Be Moved

  1. Exquisitely blessed and as comforting as being wrapped within His loving arms!

    Heartbeats we understand medically. When we feel that familiar thumping cadence…we rest easy, feeling safe, knowing that we are alive and functioning.
    However, when that beating ceases abruptly (often painfully), we know instinctively what that means: we are in big trouble!

    But…believing that God Himself is ‘as close as our beating heart’… – especially in times of
    unceasing stress and not knowing where to turn or whom to call on for help is, without any doubt
    or hesitation, the instant ‘fix’ that we need: a jolt, a surge, of unbridled FAITH and BELIEF that,
    yes, He is There — not just when we feel the debilitating nakedness of doubt, but for ALWAYS. That was, and continues to be, His ‘forever’ PROMISE.

    Thank you, dear Emily.
    I surely needed your words — that ‘jolt’ of assurance — today.

    Liked by 1 person

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