The Giving Snow

Under the giving snow
blossoms a daring spring.
~Terri Guillemets

As if we need a reminder
that nature doesn’t check the calendar
and the weather does what it pleases when it pleases:

~a snow fell for hours yesterday
and we remain cloaked and drifted this morning~

we look more pristine than we are.

Underneath this fluffy blanket
we’re barely presentable,
wrinkled and worn,
all mud and mildew beneath.

But Spring will come
rising from its snowy bed,
lit from an inner fire
that never burns out.

Through clouds like ashes
we turn aside to see God’s glory;
our eyes carefully covered
from the glaze of snow,
we feel His flash of life as He passes by.

3 thoughts on “The Giving Snow

  1. Oh, Emily, this sparked a “recognition response” in my heart!! What perfect words to present a realistic and hopeful picture, not just of these February days, but of my aging days too! Thank you so much for faithfully sharing your giftedness with us!


  2. snow – yes…here too – with sleet and freezing rain on the day of my scheduled surgery. oh lord how could you add this extra stress…maybe to encourage me to practice faithfulness, hope, trust, and peace in times of stress.
    my brother took me and thankfully I was able to have the surgery today…soooo glad. first time I ever had general anesthesia or surgery. God blessed me for 71 years of good health. 2019 greeted me with my personal 911…fractured arm near wrist with a cast for 4 weeks and two biopsies …one calling for a lumpectomy. recently, terry Hershey talked about when a person has a personal 911 and I thought that fit me at this moment in time.

    yes…I need spring to come and greet me. I need to get back to walking in nature. I need the beauty of God’s creation to meet me each morning with the fresh air and sunshine. I need flowers. I need green grass. I need the warmth of God’s sun/son to wrap around me and say here I am to lift your spirits.

    been reading rick warren’s daily hope psalm 23 and the words
    the lord is my shepherd…I lack nothing.
    thank you lord for walking with me through this valley of darkness.
    he made me lie down and rest. now I need to refresh, regroup and respond to others in their time of painful need.
    thank you for your daily words of encouragement and inspiration, Emily
    thank you.


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