One of Me As Well









It’s easy to love a deer
But try to care about bugs and scrawny trees
Love the puddle of lukewarm water
From last week’s rain.
Leave the mountains alone for now.
Also the clear lakes surrounded by pines.
People are lined up to admire them.
Get close to the things that slide away in the dark.
Be grateful even for the boredom
That sometimes seems to involve the whole world.
Think of the frost
That will crack our bones eventually.
~Tom Hennen “Love for Other Things”








O it is easy to love the beautiful things of God’s creation~
we drive long hours to stand in awe,
gaping at mountains and valleys and waterfalls
and kaleidoscopes of color

but if God needs a slug or snail or bug enough to create those
and allows drought and mud and frost and ice storms and hurricanes
then I guess, if He chooses,
He could look at me and say
I need one of you too.












3 thoughts on “One of Me As Well

  1. boy, did i need to hear this today. starting to struggle with memory issues and feeling rather useless, i need to remember that He has a reason for allowing this. i don’t/can’t know the how or the why of this pain in my heart, but i know that i can trust His plan and purpose for me and my family. thanks, doc!

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  2. Yes! It is very easy to love a deer. I can and do. I have seen and touched them up close (just the does and fawns; the bucks are usually very alert and guarded, as protectors should be.) But the females and babies exude an aura of tranquility, wonder and whimsy. Their large round liquid eyes and intense gaze seem to portend a sense of trust and friendliness but they, too, must remain wary, holding back from contact with us — the two-footed ones that are known to hurt and hunt them….shattering their peaceful shared family existence in their ever-diminishing habitat..

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