Never Far



Look for a lovely thing and you will find it,
It is not far —
It never will be far.
~Sara Teasdale
Until I opened my eyes to see,
I walked by lovely things all the time,
grousing in the grayness of the day.
Oblivious and self-absorbed,
I missed seeing what was all around me.
All it takes is to open eyes and look,
and lovely is there,
not far, never far–
even right in our own back yard.

4 thoughts on “Never Far

  1. this morning, as i sat in my chair, i watched while the birds FILLED my dogwood, searching for the berries there, then swooping to the grass below to fine the ones they’d missed. always, fall is my favorite, even when things are changing and dying. i love the colors and the coming coziness. i search for the changes in the hills to the north and east of us, and bring out the candles and throws. i am more focused inward, too, and thank God daily for the amazing earth he made for us, and the blessings of living in the beautiful northwest. enjoy the lovely all around your wonderful acreage! i so enjoy seeing where you live, and the beautiful photos of “our northwest”. blessings…


  2. Some new pics – I have never seen here before. Delightful, unique. Is there a prince hiding within that frog? Good to see a live frog; their numbers seem to be
    disappearing. Sam looks as regal and as vigilant as ever.
    Thank you, Emily, for brightening my day….


  3. In a time of great stress, the words offered on your Never Far post gave me instant peace. Thank you.
    I am becoming a poetry lover. My world as a writer is expanding.


  4. just read through your recent comments on the side bar. i found you through ann’s blog, and still follow her. i have already ordered the new book!!


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