White Flames of Trillium



I wished to wade in the trillium
and be warmed near the white flames.
I imagined the arch of my foot
massaged by the mosses.
This field immersed in gravity
defying growth.  Green and glorious.
It let me know that out of the
soil came I, and green I shall be.
Whether an unnamed weed or a
wild strawberry I will join in
the hymn.
~Luci Shaw from “Spring Song, Very Early Morning”


After a few days away from the farm, enriched by the contact with like-minded people of faith and words, I am longing to return to the land of moss and trillium, of green grass that overwhelms.

I am of the soil, dust to dust am I.   Created, celebrated, centered on the joy of returning where I belong.




2 thoughts on “White Flames of Trillium

  1. ‘Joy of returning where I belong’:

    – selfishly unaware of constantly and safely being shepherded during my time ‘away’
    – accepted and forgiven – my untold faults of commission and omission…
    – no pretense or false face necessary – I am naked before his goodness and compassion
    – truly known and loved as I am
    – often errant child of my Father whom I know most intimately as Jesus’ Father
    whom he called ‘Abba’ (Daddy)….


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