For Your Grazing Pleasure


The mere brute pleasure of reading–the sort of pleasure a cow has in grazing.
~G.K. Chesterton

Setting me loose in a room of books is like cows let out on green grass — so much to consume, so little time.  I’ll nibble away, blade by blade, page by page, word by word, but the greatest pleasure of all is settling down into a good long cud chewing session, redigesting and mulling over what I’ve already taken in.
It is brute pleasure to take in words that grow roots so deep they never go away, words that sustain and make me grow and keep me alive.   Words illuminate from without and within.

Something to chew on.

photo by Kate Steensma
photo by Kate Steensma



2 thoughts on “For Your Grazing Pleasure

  1. Ditto here! A shared pleasure we enjoy, Emily. Thanks to your postings I now have many more books to investigate and to read.
    . A lot of my friends have Kindles. No thanks. I must have the tactile pleasure of a book, turning the pages, margin notations (in pencil of course).

    Remember the Twilight Zone story of a librarian who dreamed of one day being cut off from distractions for the rest of his life so that he could finally read all the books he had been postponing to read for years? Then, the world was shattered and reduced to rubble and deadly fallout by a nuclear war. He found refuge in a protected area near his books. His wish had come true. He now had his library complete with no distractions. On the way to his secluded room, he dropped his glasses. They shattered (no plastic lenses then), as did his dream. I’m probably not telling this in exactly the way that Rod Serling wrote it, but you get the picture.


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