Journey Work of the Stars


I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.
~Walt Whitman

All photos were taken this week while walking past Western Washington University garden plots on my way to and from meetings on campus.   My routine tasks, my everyday journeyman duties, are rendered extraordinary in the light of petals, pollen, webs, pigment, fruit, seed pods and always, always the nurture of soil and rain.   I chanced upon a gardener yesterday and told him the difference his work makes in my day.  The rich visual and tactile variety in the gardens is like star-lit nebulae and galaxies scattered about in planter pots and plots.

He looked up, startled, so used to not being noticed,  and simply said, “it’s been a good year for the plants.”

Indeed it is.  A good year for us all.









2 thoughts on “Journey Work of the Stars

  1. Thankyou, Emily, for this walk thru the beautiful gardens. Your eye is exquisite. I am not able to get out very much, and this takes me out into nature and all its beauty. Kathy Brown



  2. Wow! What a visual, sensual delight. Can’t name most of the flowers and plants. Doesn’t matter. The original Gardener has named them, along with all the beautiful Gifts that He has given to us — to tend and to feed our souls.

    And speaking of gifts… what a wonderful gift you gave the WWU grounds gardener. Such a seemingly simple thing to do and yet you will probably never know the full extent of your statement to him—just to be noticed and appreciated….


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