The Way We Love

I had a dog
  who loved flowers.
    Briskly she went
        through the fields,

yet paused
  for the honeysuckle
    or the rose,
        her dark head

and her wet nose
    the face
         of every one

with its petals
  of silk,
    with its fragrance

into the air
  where the bees,
    their bodies
        heavy with pollen,

  and easily
     she adored
        every blossom,

not in the serious,
  careful way
    that we choose
        this blossom or that blossom—

the way we praise or don’t praise—
  the way we love
     or don’t love—
        but the way

we long to be—
  that happy
    in the heaven of earth—
        that wild, that loving.

~Mary Oliver “Luke” from Dog Songs

Why do we not feel the joie de vivre,
the ebullience and fullness of every moment? 
What makes us hide our nakedness rather than join in the walk
in the garden in the cool of the day?
What makes us choose this blossom or that, this tree or that,
this fruit or that, judging for ourselves what is good, better and best? 

What has happened to wild loving appreciation of the heaven of earth?

We gave it up for one taste; we lost heaven and regretted it immediately.

Even so,  joie de vivre awaits,
beyond this, above this. 
We are invited, all expenses paid,
yet unearned,
to go back to the way we long to be:

The incredible grace of loving wildly what we’re given.

2 thoughts on “The Way We Love

  1. I still have a wild loving appreciation for heaven and earth.
    My 30 minute morning and evening walk near the Riparian Buffer alive with birdsong, is one thing helping me to maintain my sanity during this stay at home declaration.

    Last year, I discovered Ravi Zacharias. A few weeks ago I heard he passed. I listened to his Memorial Service.
    What a man! So gifted. So giving with his wisdom. This morning Ravi joined me for breakfast via my phone and You Tube. Before his death, he talked about America being on the hinge of our darkest time. Wonder what he would say in the midst of this time.

    Everyone was sheltered at home. Suddenly, there’s been an explosion of humanity hitting the streets. Some masked some not. Most not maintaining social distance. And some governors most adamant about their declarations of acceptable behavior are right out there. Hypocrisy. So many in leadership roles display much hypocrisy.

    Can’t look back. We will never again have what we lost. That may be a good thing. I can’t think about the future either. I need to lean into God in the present moment by moment by moment.

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