When You are Dirty and Rattled




You can change the world with a hot bath,
if you sink into it from a place of knowing
you are worth profound care,
even when you are dirty and rattled.
Who knew?
~Anne Lamott from Small Victories






A hot bath is a most welcome gift to a dirty rattled soul and in turn, it is a gift to everyone around me.   I may not even know how grimy I’ve gotten, how smelly and offensive.

Yet there is profound care in the simplicity of being cleansing.  I am so in need and the world deserves a cleaner me.




4 thoughts on “When You are Dirty and Rattled

  1. Reminds me of bathing our collie/shepherd mix when I was a child. As soon as we’d finished Butch’s bath in the third floor tub, he raced downstairs and outside to find some place where he could roll! I hadn’t thought of that in more than 65 years. Thanks, again for a memory that makes me smile.

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  2. I fell in love with Homer’s innocent puppy face when you first published his pic.
    I have a ‘mature’ love for him now because I see that he is precious even after his mud bath
    and his occasional roll in ‘you know what.’

    And I — Child of our Creator Father God – when I am soiled by sin and uncaring, and hurts to others, I may fight the guilt for a while and hope that time alone will fix the problem. Ignoring, avoiding Him only makes the matter worse for me.
    But experience tells me that that is not the answer. It only makes my burden heavier and the supposed distance between Him and me that much greater. So I go to Him – in prayer, in a quiet, seeking communion with Him to tell Him what I have done. (He already knows of course. He has just been waiting for me to come to Him.) So, with perhaps head bowed in guilt and embarrassment, I let it all out – the whole story. At first, He says not a word. But His answer is already in His knowing, loving eyes. He reaches out to me, pulls me toward His outstretched arms, and encircles me with a love and a sense of peace that only He can give to me — to all who seek Him. I know then, that I am forgiven, the ‘non-existent’ slate has been wiped clean. I AM FREE! And I feel weightless!

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