Your Face is My Heart






I talk to you as I talk to my own soul,” he said, turning me to face him. 
“And …” he whispered, “your face is my heart.”
~Diana Gabaldon from Dragonfly in Amber





Today, Dan celebrates his retirement from public service as an attorney – over 37 years working for county government.  He will pack up his books and pictures from his office in boxes and bring them home.

This man, by my side for nearly forty years since meeting while in graduate school, and my husband for 37 years, leaves behind a legacy of well-considered and sound legal advice, maintaining integrity as a trusted resource for colleagues and the public while managing to remain above the inevitable politics.  He has an archival brain which the county will mightily miss, as not all knowledge resides in file folders and hard drives and cloud servers.

His family, the farm and I are the beneficiaries of this retirement from professional life, as well as the several boards he serves and the church we attend.  This is not a man who will retreat to a quiet life: he has many plans, much work that calls him and more education to pursue.  It is the start of his next life of service.

This face is my heart and it is my privilege to wake up next to my kindred soul every morning.


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15 thoughts on “Your Face is My Heart

  1. Oh, oh, oh!! We’ve been counting down! Congratulations on a job well done, and congratulations too for all the heart-projects ahead. Our blessings!

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  2. What a beautiful and honouring tribute to your husband on his retirement. The best is yet to come! God bless you both.

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  3. Wonderful…When my hubby retired and I was and still am fully engaged in my practice…I prayed…our youngest daughter heard and saw my prayers and hired him into to business she was working for at that time. When she went into practice for herself as a CPA, he was so entrenched that he stayed on part time @ Stafford Tax and Business Advisors, LLC.
    But we’ve gotcha on the years of marriage….it will be 53 in August 2018…and I love…’your face is my heart’…as I fell in love with his eyes and his face. He was a precious little boy…have pics, handsome young man and stole my heart… my church young adult group. Congratulations to your hubby….Now the sweet spot that he has been waiting to fill will arise and bless him for the rest of his days.

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  4. My husband’s retired from academic administration. Now his life is even more involved with church, where his wisdom and capacious memory serve the congregation, and with taking “adult” education classes. He completes the NY Times crossword puzzle every day and is a fine cook.

    Yes, retirement’s a huge adjustment. And it’s an adventure for all of us who can find new ways to serve.

    blessings on you and on Dan,

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  5. Congratulations, Dan! What a beautiful testimony, Emily. Dan’s faithfulness as a husband and a man of God are evident in his home, his work and worship. May God richly bless you both.


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  6. Congratulations Dan and Thank you for your service. What a great team. Continued Blessings, and I’m sure Gerald is singing Hallelujah ….Can you Handel it?

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  7. Dear Emily, what a beautiful testament to marriage that you and Dan, individually and as two faithful, loving persons, have provided for your children and grandchildren to remember and to emulate.
    “And the two shall become one flesh. So that they are no longer two, but one flesh.” (Mark 10:8)

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