The Delicate Edge of Forever







It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.

Crisp, worked to defeat 
plucked, moist, half-raised 
cold, precise, touching

From the petal’s edge a line starts 
that being of steel 
infinitely fine, infinitely 
rigid penetrates 
the Milky Way 
without contact–lifting 
from it–neither hanging 
nor pushing–

The fragility of the flower 
penetrates space
~William Carlos Williams from Spring and All (1923)








It is common to look for love only inside the heart of things, pulsing front and center as both showpiece and show off.    We think of love reverberating from deep within, loud enough for all the world to hear and know it is so.

But as I advance on life’s road, I have found the love that matters lies quietly waiting at the periphery of our hearts, so fragile and easily torn as a petal –  clinging to the edges of our lives barely holding on through storms and trials.

This love remains ever-present , both protects and cherishes, fed by fine little veins which branch out from the center of the universe to the tender margins of infinity.

It is on that delicate edge of forever we dwell, waiting to be fed and trembling with anticipation.








6 thoughts on “The Delicate Edge of Forever

  1. Emily,
    The ‘love’ that you describe here so exquisitely – and so intimately and knowingly – may be a new, more accurate way of describing love (in the external sense) — the feeling, the need, the acceptance as we are — that which we experience in the physical, bodily sense. Your words remind me of that elusive emotion that a songwriter once penned, ‘Love makes the world go round.’ Day by day in this violent, hate-filled world that groans and writhes in human suffering around us we witness the antithesis of love, that most necessary, vital need among all humanity. We humans cannot exist much less survive without Love. Without it we shrivel and die, from within and from without. Conversely, the ‘wrong’ kind of love can be as destructive and as dangerous for our bodies and for our souls as is knowingly committing a sin against God’s precepts — He who is the SOURCE of all love.

    What touched my heart and soul so deeply, Emily, are two thoughts that you mentioned:
    – the fragility of love
    – ‘waiting to be fed’
    Both conjure up concepts that I have not heard in quite the same way in describing human love. I will remember and will cherish your thoughts and will share them with others.

    Thank you.

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