Another Day’s Chalking


“Life is grace. Sleep is forgiveness. The night absolves. Darkness wipes the slate clean, not spotless to be sure, but clean enough for another day’s chalking.”
~Frederich Buechner




And tomorrow
move forward
to leave a mark on a new day
after night’s erasing rest.

No matter what took place the day before,
no matter the misgivings,
no matter what should have been left unsaid,
no matter how hard the heart,
there is another day to make it right.

Forgiveness finds a foothold in the dark,
when eyelids close,
thoughts quietly open,
voices hush in prayers
of praise, petition and gratitude.

And so now
sleep on it
knowing his grace
abounds in blameless dreams.

Morning will come
awash in new light,
another chance
freely given.




5 thoughts on “Another Day’s Chalking

  1. This is a wonderful collection of thoughts, and “clean enough for another day’s chalking'” is such a fresh way of expressing it. I’ve always loved that God gave us the GIFT of sleep, but hadn’t thought much about this aspect of that gift. Thank you!


  2. What a beautiful and thought provoking post. The images are stunning with those beautiful colours…and they match the words so well. I lovely way to think of the days end Emily.Xx


  3. Yes. That is it. That is what IT is all about: FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE, LOVE — by way of:
    – the crude manger and quiet unseen ‘coming’ of Jesus, the Incarnate God, in Bethlehem Judea over two millennia ago;
    – His short-lived Journey to bring us THE MESSAGE – of His Father’s enduring (forever) unconditional love for us;
    – telling us by His Words, showing us by His actions how we must love, accept, care for, forgive each other as His
    Father does – as He, Jesus, does;
    – the doors slammed in his face, ears unwilling to hear His Good News, refusing to acknowledge Him and the eternal gift he
    came to bring to us;
    – the hypocrisy, the betrayals, the hatred inflicted upon Him by those from whom He had hoped, expected more;
    – the searing painful, blood-drenched stumbling walk through the stony streets of Jerusalem amid taunts and jeers of
    onlookers, many of whom had welcomed Him in glory only one day before;
    – forced to carry the heavy crossbar of the Cross (tree) upon which He would soon be impaled – up the hill to a place called
    Calvary (Golgotha, Place of the Skull);
    – the interminable hours-long slow death now suspended naked from the Cross, His mother Mary and other faithful women
    disciples and the beloved John standing below, near the cross, the Roman soldiers waiting for their day’s duty to be over so
    they could remove His body, tidy up and secure the scene and leave;
    – among the final words that Jesus uttered from the Cross that day was the plea addressed to His Father:

    (The crucifixion itself and Jesus’ spoken words were clearly observed and heard by those witnesses at the foot of the Cross as well as by the Roman soldiers present at the scene and were recorded in the annals of their history and in the accounts passed on to us by the Gospel writers.)


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