See You Soon Enough

Echo of the clocktower, footstep
in the alleyway, sweep
of the wind sifting the leaves.
Jeweller of the spiderweb, connoisseur
of autumn’s opulence, blade of lightning
harvesting the sky.
Keeper of the small gate, choreographer
of entrances and exits, midnight
whisper travelling the wires.
Seducer, healer, deity, or thief,
I will see you soon enough–
in the shadow of the rainfall,
in the brief violet darkening a sunset —
but until then I pray watch over him
as a mountain guards its covert ore
and the harsh falcon its flightless young.
~Dana Gioia “The Prayer” (written in memory of his infant son who died of SIDS)
When we think of those who wait for us on the other side,
and who we will wait for when it comes our time,
I know there is One who watches over all these reunions,
knowing the moment when our fractured hearts
heal whole once again.


3 thoughts on “See You Soon Enough

  1. Once again, beautiful woman, you bring the rush of painful but healing and much-needed tears to my eyes with your
    posting today. Mourning the death of loved ones and other losses in our lives is woven into our humanity, our temporary exile as we await our true home with Him in Eternity.

    One (just one!) of your spiritual gifts, Emily, is the ability to know WHEN to share certain Spirit-fed words with us. There is no dearth of tragedy, unhappiness, suffering and sense of hopelessness everywhere we look, in all that we experience today. It seems to permeate our very being. There is no escape from it. But your words help us to open the tear valves and allow our understanding of and compassion for ALL suffering peoples to flow, to acknowledge, perhaps to heal.

    I believe that there is no greater gift for us to give to each other than that. It is essentially what Jesus did in His short-lived ministry here with us. And — if we but turn to Him now in our bleeding but often unseen suffering, we will find Him there – waiting – to enfold us in His compassionate arms, just as a mother does with her wounded child….

    ‘Can a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb?
    Even though she forget, I will never forget you.
    See, I have written your name…. (Isaiah 49: 15-16)

    If only we will truly believe that….trust in that….

    Thank you, Emily.


  2. All so comforting via the gifts of Faith and Hope. Emily’s poetic paragraph is a perfect summation!


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