Here God Lives



Here God lives, burrowing among
the petals, cross-
pollinating. Here is Christ’s mind
juiced, joined, fleshed, celled.
Here is the clash,
the roil, an invasion, not gentle
as dew; the rose is unfurled
violently until the scent explodes
and detonates in the air
And oh, it trembles—
thousands of seeds ripen in it as
it reels in the wind.
~Luci Shaw from “Flower Head”
I often awake with my mind as askew as my hair,
brushing away the cobwebs of dreams,
smoothing down worries ever present,
curling the whiff of memories long forgotten.
And I realize these same molecules transmitting thoughts
also carried Christ’s while He walked this earth,
the earthbound thoughts of God Himself,
borne by integration of chemistry and ions,
in millions of electrical explosions per second.
My mind is ready to burst with the thought of it:
Here God lives, here He thinks, here He loves.

6 thoughts on “Here God Lives

  1. Mind-bending thoughts — almost impossible for our finite human brains to comprehend — and yet, He created the Universe, including fairyflies insects and wolffia flowers….


  2. Great post, great photos. As I absorb the views of the dandelion, I think of all the things these photos remind me of. God’s love shining through from the depths of my heart and soul; His love growing stronger as it drifts away to be planted where it lands to multiple and grow when the time is right. In God’s time.
    Thanks for being such a blessing to all you touch Emily. You are very special indeed.


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