Choosing Sides

photo by Kathy Yates
photo by Kathy Yates

The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side.
~G. K. Chesterton

…love has always sought to put back together that which hate has broken.
…our hands have always been able to heal as much as harm.
…since the dawn of humanity, each of us contains three people—
the angel, the demon, and the one who decides which we will obey.
~Billy Coffey

It should not require an act of evil for us to recognize the human capacity for love,  caring and compassion.  It should not take fearsome suffering and death of innocents to remind us all life is precious and worthy of our protection, when others would discard it.

We are created to choose sides.  Our Creator chose to suffer to guarantee we are eternally worthy of His protection.

How then shall we choose?

photo by Josh Scholten
photo by Josh Scholten

One thought on “Choosing Sides

  1. It should not, indeed, but, unfortunately, it usually does. A word I miss sorely in our cultural vernacular is “decency.” Oh, the word is still around, but somewhat out of fashion, perhaps because it came to mostly be used to describe one’s taste or use of apparel more than behavior. But I still like to think of decent behavior as entailing the characteristics that are helpful and nurturing, which meld into a prevailing attitude. I don’t give a lot of thought to “being a decent person,” but when potentially conflicting options arise, I hope I choose at least decent.


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