One Foot Ahead of the Other

Hope has holes
in its pockets.
It leaves little
crumb trails
so that we,

when anxious,
can follow it.
Hope’s secret:
it doesn’t know
the destination—
it knows only
that all roads
begin with one
foot in front
of the other.
~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, “Hope” from  Hush

Stripped and stark —
if winter were the ending of all things,
there would be no hope.
There would be no sun shining on the hills
far beyond me to reflect the path before me:
what is, what will be and what has been.

When I am down to the bare and broken essentials —
bleak and muddy and the too-early dark —
I must put one foot in front of the other,
continuing to push forward.
I know this resting pause is not the end. 
Never has been. 
Never will be.


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One thought on “One Foot Ahead of the Other

  1. Thank you for this today, dear Emily.
    Your succinct advice and Rosemerry’s
    thoughts have made my day.
    IT IS TRUE. That, and prayer — and TRUST
    in HIS Promises to us — are really all that we will ever need.
    Why, I wonder, does it take us so long
    and so many shed tears to realize and to accept that?.

    His Love lights the path upon which we put that one
    foot after the other that enables us to: JUST KEEP GOING! —
    until we see His outstretched arms waiting to welcome us HOME

    Liked by 1 person

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