Grace is Glue

Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.
~Eugene O’Neill

We are born hollering,
already aware of our brokenness –
our emptiness evident
from the first breath,
each tiny air sac bursting
with the air of a fallen world
that is never quite enough to satisfy.

The rest of our days are spent
filling up our empty spaces:
whether alveoli
or stomach
or synapse hungry for knowledge;
still hollering and heart

So we mend and are mended
through healing another,
sewn up
by knitting together
the scraggly fragments of lives,
becoming the crucial glue
boiled from His gifted Grace,
all empty holes made holy
when filled to brimming
so wholly.

4 thoughts on “Grace is Glue

  1. If this wasn’t what I have been thinking over and over again in the last few days… so perfectly illustrated. Thank you

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  2. In the last six months, I have said numerous times to myself…
    Only by the grace of God.
    After living on the family farm for all of my seventy years, In the last two years, I have moved twice. Each time downsizing by giving away more of my stuff.

    After seventy years of good health, In the last six months, I have experienced a fractured right arm, cancer diagnosis, surgery followed by radiation, some days of depression, and a fractured left shoulder,

    Three months ago my dad moved to a personal care facility, after we had lived together for all of my life. On Wednesday, it was thirty years that my mother died suddenly one Monday morning on our way to babysit her great grandchildren.

    I’ve cried more in the last six months than my previous sixty years.
    Only by the grace of God am I still standing and trying to move forward in an ever changing new normal.

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  3. He gives grace for each new challenge and season. I pray all this will draw you closer and not further away from His loving arms! To live is Christ, to die is gain

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  4. I massively LOVE the Haflinger tail/mane pottery. It represents sealing of the broken spaces; filling of the holes; unplanned openings that stretch to accommodate unexpected needs…

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