Preparing Through Parable: A Pearl of Great Value



…the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls.  When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.
Matthew 13: 45-46




Suppose a person entering a house were to feel heat on the porch, and going further, were to feel the heat increasing, the more they penetrated within. Doubtless, such a person would believe there was a fire in the house, even though they did not see the fire that must be causing all this heat.

A similar thing will happen to anyone who considers this world in detail: one will observe that all things are arranged according to their degrees of beauty and excellence, and that the nearer they are to God, the more beautiful and better they are.
St. Thomas Acquinas from Sermon-Conferences of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Apostles’ Creed




Rather than stumbling upon the great treasure when least expecting it,  we can be looking for the treasure in every day moments, approaching closer and closer, feeling the heat, knowing what it will cost us to lay hold of it.

We know it when we find it, feel it in our bones and will sacrifice all we own to have it.

There is nothing more beautiful, more valuable, more everlasting.

May my eyes see, my ears hear, my heart understand.  He prepares me with parable.






One thought on “Preparing Through Parable: A Pearl of Great Value

  1. What a glorious, blessed moment when we find that treasure. ‘We know It when we find it,’ as you so knowingly proclaim, Emily. But, for some, they have not yet learned to ‘see with the eyes of our Creator-God’ so the treasure remains unrecognized and rejected. Tragically, they do not recognize its intrinsic value because they ‘measure’ as the world measures and not in the way that God does..
    Or — we may begin to rationalize that the ‘cost’ of obtaining that treasure and incorporating it into our lives is far too much for us. We are taken in, deceived by the lure of the false ‘treasures’ of the world that will end in dust. The ‘treasure’ that this parable refers to will last for eternity.
    Thank you, Emily.

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