Old Farming Blood


I may walk the streets
of this century and make my living in an office
but my blood is old farming blood and my true
self is underground like a potato.

I have taken root in my grandfather’s
fields: I am hanging my laundry beneath his trees.
~Faith Shearin from “Fields”



2 thoughts on “Old Farming Blood

  1. Emily, I know you don’t know me, but I feel as if I know you. I read your blogs regularly and am always very touched. Thanks for opening the door to your barn, your life, home and family to me. I love your beautiful pictures, writing, poetry and quotes that you post. I am in awe of how you live your life in the world, without sacrificing your connection to your roots, to that which you love so much, your family and your faith. You are a very talented woman! Since I don’t normally leave any reply, want to let you know I enjoy you postings daily. Thank you for sharing your gifts!


  2. Lovely thoughts expressed in today’s poem. The link from one generation to the next is one of the most important gifts that persons can have as they travel on their own journeys. So many factors have intruded into the lives of families in our culture today that make this linkage nearly impossible — or, worse for that matter, even wanted or appreciated.

    Our children are paying a terrible price for this loss, this vacuum in their lives . So many factors come into play here with the possibility of harmful lifelong effect: increases in the divorce rate with its estrangement and divided loyalties between extended family members of both parents, the subsequent reality of lonely and incomplete single parent homes, jobs that require frequent moves away from relatives, and the moral confusion forced upon children by same-sex marriages.

    As usual, it is the lives of young children that suffer the most. Without the rootedness and nurturing of extended family among transcending generations they lose necessary role models — persons who have made their journeys, made mistakes, overcome obstacles, but have persevered. Without the past, there are fewer guideposts for the future.

    (I’m reminded here a little of the song that Johnny Cash made popular, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”)

    Just a thought to ponder….


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