A Flower Unplucked

rainyroseA flower unplucked is but left to the falling,
And nothing is gained by not gathering roses.
~Robert Frost from “Asking for Roses”


Robin Williams spent his lifetime coaxing us to laugh till we cried,
making us cringe and too often wanting to hide from his manic intensity.

He left no flower unplucked and now he has left us weeping again
too soon,
petals shattered and strewn,
a lingering scent of roses rising.



4 thoughts on “A Flower Unplucked

  1. For the moment, our world has lost a lot of joy. Deep peace to Robin Williams, and much thanks for all the laughter and pathos he gave us. Billy Joel was right–“Only the good die young.”


  2. What a powerful, poignant statement your pictures have made here, Emily.
    It seems that so many ‘comedians’ are deeply sensitive people — reticent to show the world their true
    feelings, they do their crying on the inside. That is what makes their sudden deaths so shocking. We never saw them coming.

    Robin Williams’ films and comedy routines have left a remarkable legacy for us to enjoy. Among my favorites are: Good Will Hunting, Fisher King, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Morning Viet Nam, and Dead Poets Society. In each of these portrayals, it seems that Robin was holding up a mirror showing us how we are or could be as a society. “Carpe Diem,” dear sweet man. You most certainly did!


  3. Noone I know can say things so well as you, Emily. Few actors have been so loved and appreciated throughout the world as Robin Williams. Thank you for fabulous roses, too.


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