A Bright Sadness: Abandoning Terrifying Divinity

Man was added to Him,
God not lost to Him;
He emptied Himself not by losing what He was,
but by taking to Him what He was not.

Look upon the baby Jesus.
Divinity may terrify us.
Inexpressible majesty will crush us.
That is why Christ took on our humanity…
that he should not terrify us
but rather that with love and favor
he should console and confirm.”
~Martin Luther

He was pushed out to take his first breath on earth, birth-bloodied, then cradled and held in human arms.

Three decades later, He was pulled down following His last breath, death-bloodied, cradled and held in human arms.

The symmetry of His birth and death mirrors the symmetry of our lives, a consolation that He belongs to us as much as we belong to Him.

The blood shed at birth is his mother’s alone.
The blood lost at death is God’s alone,
pumping through broken human heart and arteries,
soaking the wretched ground below.

He empties wholly because He is fully human;
He returns risen and whole because He is fully God.

We, who would be terrified, are deeply loved: cradled, consoled and comforted by such inexpressible divinity emptied into our humanity.

Van Gogh Pieta

5 thoughts on “A Bright Sadness: Abandoning Terrifying Divinity

  1. Beautiful … in one month our family has experienced birth and death, the most profound moments of a lifetime, the symmetry if beginning and ending, joy and sorrow. To think He experienced both on our behalf — to comfort and console and redeem — will take all the space between birth and death to puzzle over, comprehend, and cherish.

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  2. Thank you for the rousing truth of “In Christ Alone”, along with the quotes and your own inspiring comments. This was an awesome way to get my day going!

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  3. Thank you for this. It was a great start to my day, along with a cup of tea and rejoicing in the drizzle here in the PNW. God is good. I enjoyed the beautiful contrast between Christ’s humanity and His divinity. I will continue to think on it today.

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  4. just beautiful….love this rendition. thank you for including these deep truths of our faith in music at this time of year. so precious….


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  5. Oh, dear Emily,
    Your comments here hit me like a bolt of unexpected riveting truth that passed through my whole being. This is the ‘reality’ of His Truth, His Message, His Promises. Described in specific physical detail, you have held up for us to see, to imagine, to carry within our memories, our souls, the pathos turned to incredible joy and thanksgiving for the gift we were given so long ago — nothing less than the total surrender of the young Mary to her God and of the redemptive existence of the mystery of Jesus the Christ into our world, into our lives, into our souls as The Divine Presence for all time.
    Thank you.

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