The Wild Lands

Mt. Shuksan yesterday, photo by Emily Gibson
                                                  Mt. Shuksan yesterday, photo by Emily Gibson


He found himself wondering at times,
especially in the autumn,
about the wild lands,
and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.
~J.R.R. Tolkien Fellowship of the Rings


Mt. Baker from the north yesterday
                                                            Mt. Baker from Artist Point yesterday


Thank God who seasons thus the year,
And sometimes kindly slants his rays;
For in his winter he’s most near
And plainest seen upon the shortest days.

I scent my med’cine from afar,
Where the rude simpler of the year
October leads the rustling war,
And strews his honors on the summer’s bier.

The evening of the year draws on,
The fields a later aspect wear;
Since Summer’s garishness is gone,
Some grains of night tincture the noontide air.
~Henry David Thoreau, selected stanzas from “The Fall of the Leaf”

octobertwinlakes11Twin Lakes Mt. Baker National Forest

Wandering in a wild land of beauty,
especially in the coolness of autumn,
with the dry hot melting “garishness” of summer past,
God is most plain in these places,
His slanting rays touching
everything and all.

shuksan6Mt. Shuksan yesterday, from Artist Point

6 thoughts on “The Wild Lands

  1. Breathtaking photography. Each one is a jewel. You are truly a woman of many diverse talents, Emily.
    Thank you for a thoughtful, meditative start to my day — another reminder of our Creator-God’s love for
    us in the beauty that he provides season after season.


  2. Thank you so much for sharing. I was up at Artist Pointt last Tuesday, without a camera, and longing to share the beauty and majesty with my mother,who cannot travel anymore . I can show these lovely pictures to her and she can see and remember her favorite place.


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