Wafting Him Out of It

photo of dappled-with-damson west courtesy R.V. Schoder Loyola University Archives

I kiss my hand
To the stars, lovely-asunder
Starlight, wafting him out of it; and
Glow, glory in thunder;
Kiss my hand to the dappled-with-damson west;
Since, though he is under the world’s splendor and wonder,
His mystery must be instressed, stressed;
For I greet him the days I meet him, and bless when I understand.
~Gerard Manley Hopkins

I greet Him when I meet Him
as the color of the evening sky
spills as tipped paint
far fleeting across the horizon,
cleaned up and gone before grasped,
I kiss my hand
to the drama played out before sun set.

I greet Him when I meet Him
as starlight speckles
the overhead ceiling,
each touching infinity
where it begins
and never ends.

I greet Him when I meet Him
in glowing cloud mountains
sparking lightning
and clapping thunder,
applause for His
resplendent magnificence.

I greet Him when
He is hidden
and unknowable,
waiting for the blessing
of understanding
wafting from Him
in color, in speckle,
in glow, in spark,
in appreciative applause
for His splendor
wrapped in wonder.

photo by Josh Scholten of the damson-without-dappled west
thunderheads in South Dakota
photo by Josh Scholten

2 thoughts on “Wafting Him Out of It

  1. “Christ plays in ten thousand places.” Everywhere he waits for us to greet him. Thanks for this, Emily. I’m looking forward to having your Ben at our Thanksgiving table!


  2. “Lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes not his
    To the Father through the features of men’s faces.”
    Another great Hopkins poem, Kathy! I’m slowly, very slowly, reconciling our children are far away for Thanksgiving, and so glad Ben will be with your family. I hope if you are coming this way during the Christmas break, you’ll plan to come grace our table too? We have plenty of room for you to stay and would love to have you.


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