Not Forgotten

Our memories are, at best, so limited, so finite, that it is impossible for us to envisage an unlimited, infinite memory, the memory of God. It is something I want to believe in: that no atom of creation is ever forgotten by him; always is; cared for; developing; loved. 
~Madeleine L’Engle from The Summer of the Great-Grandmother

…a friend told me a story about a little girl who wanted time alone with her infant brother. Her parents were suspicious of her motives. What if she did something to harm the baby? The big sister was so persistent that her mom and dad finally decided to allow her ten minutes alone with him in his room. After they closed the door, they listened quietly. They felt chills when they heard their daughter say,
“Baby tell me what heaven is like. I’m starting to forget.”
~Sue Shanahan from “Fresh from Heaven”

He of strength and hope,
of infinite memory and everlasting love:
He knows us down to our very atoms ~~
even we who are weak, broken, and undeserving.
He causes us to burst into bloom
in remembrance of having been in His presence.

4 thoughts on “Not Forgotten

  1. how precious and true…we forget so quickly. BTW, your roses (and other flowers, too) are STUNNING!! thank you for sharing with us!

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  2. Rare pictures of children in early-mid childhood who are experiencing the fragility and mystery of their pure innocence and curiosity about life and Creation before them as those eternal God-given gifts begin to emerge, as does wonderment and appreciation.

    The irony seems to be, however, that, often, only children can see them. But they will re-emerge, and those memories will flood their aging minds and hearts and bring joy and a comforting peace of mind. No longer in fear of what the ending Journey will bring. Because they saw previews of their Creator’s Promise of it many years ago…

    .And does Jesus flash a knowing bittersweet smile as he remembers, too? He remembers what must have been joy and happiness among His family and friends in His very early childhood — before he accepted the responsibilities of humankind with its pain and troubles – and estrangement from His Father – a mission to show us how much, how endlessly that Father loves us. And then the final cost — excruciating death, splayed naked on a cross, rising from death as the Christ of the Universe.

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  3. P.S. His final act before returning to His Father:
    Leaving us — instilling within our very being – His most precious forever gift:
    His Spirit, His immortal Presence to guide, teach, comfort us until we, too,
    return to him.

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