The Memory of God



Our memories are, at best, so limited, so finite, that it is impossible for us to envisage an unlimited, infinite memory, the memory of God. It is something I want to believe in: that no atom of creation is ever forgotten by him; always is; cared for; developing; loved.
~Madeleine L’Engle from The Summer of the Great-Grandmother



He of strength and hope
loves and knows us down to our atoms ~~
the weak, the broken, the undeserving.
His infinite memory causes us to burst into bloom.



3 thoughts on “The Memory of God

  1. Beautiful, Emily. Pictures, too. Thank you.

    I have always believed that the atavistic ‘memories’ of our beginnings of existence do exist. They reside in a special place within our soul along with other sacred memories — as reminders, assurances — like a homing device to eventually lead us home.

    At a Franciscan seminar years ago the presenter told the audience a lovely ‘story’ about a little boy who was anxiously awaiting his parents’ return from the hospital with his new baby brother. After his brother had been placed in his bassinet, the little boy whispered to his mother, “Can I go in and speak with him? I want to ask him something.” The mother gave her consent, opened the door ajar for the boy to enter his brother’s room, and then she and her husband remained unseen behind the ajar door.

    They saw the boy tiptoe to the bassinet, lean over, and heard him whisper to his brother, “Can you tell me what it was like where you just came from? I’m starting to forget.”

    Simple, uncomplicated theology – sometimes wasted on adults who tend to resort to obfuscation and pedantry when children ask them simple questions. Perhaps that is one reason that Jesus enjoyed the ‘little ones’ so much and asked that they be allowed to come to him.


  2. Alice, that is such a lovely story and oh so true, if we could just “remember” where we came from and where we are heading to!
    blessings to you this Sabbath, Emily


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