Each for Each




Now in this iron reign
I sing the liberty
Where each asks from each
What each most wants to give
And each awakes in each
What else would never be,
Summoning so the rare
Spirit to breathe and live.

Whether the soul at first
This pilgrimage began,
Or the shy body leading
Conducted soul to soul
Who knows? This is the most
That soul and body can,
To make us each for each
And in our spirit whole.
~Edwin Muir “The Annunciation”


For Dan’s birthday…

Marrying is
to find freedom
to be each for each
both body and soul,
and know what it means
to become whole in another.







4 thoughts on “Each for Each

  1. Both the poem and the comment are almost too sacred and intimate to be distracted by anything….
    they speak volumes just as they are….

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dr. Emily, these pictures…. are you taking them on your farm? They continue to be so beautiful… just love this blog of yours!!!! The poems, the words. I am so thankful I stumbled onto this amazing free gift I get everyday!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rhodie, thank you for enjoying the pictures! Yes, these are mostly from our farm, though my pocket camera is with me wherever I go so there are times I bring some beauty home from another place I’m visiting.


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