Burning Bush Bounty

Plump unpeck’d cherries,
Apricots, strawberries;—
All ripe together
In summer weather,—
Morns that pass by,
Fair eves that fly;
Currants and gooseberries,
Bright-fire-like barberries,
Sweet to tongue and sound to eye.
~Christina Rossetti
This spring the fruit ripens early,
reddening flames that leap up
from branches and leaves,
in some way ignited
like the burning bush
speaking to us
of holy ground.

4 thoughts on “Burning Bush Bounty

  1. Memories — My grandma used to make current jelly. I loved its distinctive taste. Can hardly find it in
    grocery stores today.

    Come to think of it, I miss the whole late Summer-early Fall family and community effort to ‘put up’ preserves, jellies, applesauce, relishes, veggies, et al, and store them in the handy ‘fruit cellar.’ My job in September-October after coming home from school in the afternoon was to peel tons of pre-scalded tomatoes and wash and cut up veggies and apples, and prepare the jars and lids by washing and sterilizing them in a huge pot.

    And the familiar aromas that piqued our olfactory senses, emanating from nearby homes as we walked home from the bus stop in the afternoons – especially chili sauce and mustard pickles that made one’s mouth pucker at the thought.

    Simple tasks, done by rote, instilling a sense of continuity and community, cooperation, frugality and the reality of respecting and preserving the Gardner’s gifts to us to be appreciated and savored in the cold, bare winter months.


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