Still About to Be




Give up
the bitterness,
the anger,
the sadness
for what isn’t,
that you wish you had.

And embrace the gift of what you do have.
For therein
is really what you want more of:

~Elizabeth Elliot

All Joy reminds.
It is never a possession,
always a desire for something longer ago
or further away
or still ‘about to be’.
~C.S. Lewis from Surprised by Joy




5 thoughts on “Still About to Be

  1. Joy does come and go but that doesn’t mean we can’t possess it, if only for a moment, if only in a dream.


  2. Really enjoy your blog Emily!
    Your pictures are always so crisp. What kind of camera are you using?


  3. Yes, it does come for a moment [in time]. But, oh, what a moment it is. We feel that we are lifted up and away from our mortal bodies, being given a foretaste of what Our Father has planned for us – not just for an earthly moment – but for all eternity. That thought in itself is enough to give us hope to continue on our often sorrowful Journey.


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