Whispers Made of Thunder



A poem is a spider web
Spun with words of wonder,
Woven lace held in place
By whispers made of thunder.
~Charles Ghigna


As I wander my yard
studying the complexities of web design,
marveling at a tiny creature’s creation
of connection by the slenderest thread.

Through words and pictures I whisper
from my own corner of the web,
waiting patiently for the shimmer of connection:
my rumbling thunder has been seen.




3 thoughts on “Whispers Made of Thunder

  1. Emily, so very beautiful. As I have said before, I don’t comment often, but again want you to know how much I have loved your personal posts lately. You write beautifully and pictures awesome. Thanks for sharing so much of your self.


  2. What a lovely poem, EPG. Amazing that you can take what appears to be a simple subject (and picture)
    and reduce both to a thoughtful meditation.
    Spiders and other creepy crawlers frighten me. But spider webs have always fascinated me. Scientists say that their silken webs are as strong as steel and that they are important to our ecological balance. The web’s threads are so mysteriously and magically engineered that they give off vibrations when an enemy approaches.

    Your words, “connected by the slenderest thread,” resonated with me because I view them as a metaphor for the soul that explores and tries to connect to God and to all aspects of His creation, and for the connections that we humans seek with each other.

    When we experience physical and spiritual isolation, danger, and the lack of emotional nourishment our souls reach out to connect, to search for and to grasp that something, that someone to hold onto that will give us the protection and sustenance that is so vital to our very being. My faith tells me that that entity is our Creator God who knows, understands and loves us more than we could ever imagine.


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