Thirty Two Years Ago Today



Before God and this gathering, I vow from my heart and spirit that I will be your wife/husband for as long as we both shall live.

I will love you with faithfulness, knowing its importance in sustaining us through good times and bad.

I will love you with respect, serving your greatest good and supporting your continued growth.

I will love you with compassion, knowing the strength and power of forgiveness.

I will love you with hope, remembering our shared belief in the grace of God and His guidance of our marriage.

“And at home, by the fire, whenever you look up, there I shall be–and whenever I look up, there will be you.”

(vows written during a lunch break on the roof of Group Health on Capitol Hill, Seattle Washington in July 1981 before our September 19, 1981 wedding at First Seattle Christian Reformed Church)

*the last line is adapted from Thomas Hardy’s  “Far From the Madding Crowd”


 ”How joyful to be together, alone as when we first were joined in our little house by the river long ago, except that now we know each other, as we did not then; and now instead of two stories fumbling to meet, we belong to one story that the two, joining, made. And now we touch each other with the tenderness of mortals, who know themselves…”
Wendell Berry

Thirty two years ago today we became one story, a story still being told.   What joy it is to know you and be known by you!
May our story have many more chapters celebrating the poetry of life together, with a minimum of plot twists and cliffhangers.

We’ll trust the Author who touches us with Words as tenderly as we touch each other.  It is bliss to love and be loved from the first page to the last.


12 thoughts on “Thirty Two Years Ago Today

  1. Emily you do have a way with words and being able to express what is in the heart. Congratulations on 32 years and may God give you at least 32 more to enjoy grandkids and the continued blessings of committment, and love to each other and our Lord and Savior.


  2. How sweet is this!!  Beautiful youth and I can see and feel both of you as I see and experience you now..I am blessed to be able to share this site with you as you share deeply from your heart and soul. Thankyou. Kathy



  3. Today…I got to witness a blessed memory of the lovely vows you wrote to each other. My soul smiled and danced and I felt the depth of the ongoing legacy of the deep love you have for each other. It brings tears to my eyes……you are God’s gift to each other.


  4. Congratulations, Emily and Dan.

    Your vows to each other thirty-two years ago are a testament to your mutual love and commitment to each other and to the sacred God-blessed union of your marriage. Several important words that you used in your vows are uniquely personal and heartfelt when juxtaposed to the standard words and phrases that have been spoken by couples for generations. They bespeak a rare understanding and recognition of the seriousness and holiness of what marriage should be:

    Faithfulness – Respect – Support – Compassion – Forgiveness – Shared Belief in the Grace of God…


  5. Just catching up with your blog Emily. Happy Anniversary. I love your vows. Best wishes for a bright and long future together.


  6. I love your blog. I feel I am missing out by living on the fringes of suburbia. It is our dream to take our four littles rural one day. Also, you were married four days before I was born. Cool.


  7. Happy Anniversary to the two of you!. What a blessing that God brought the two of you together. It was all a part of His plan, and you have raised three lovely children. Now being empty nesters, you can spend more time together and grow old together. You are both such caring people, and God has and will continue to use you both. Have a special day! I remember when you were dating way back then. I would see you at First CRC.


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