Each Round Drop

photo by Josh Scholten

And when the Sun comes out,
After this Rain shall stop,
A wondrous Light will fill
Each dark, round drop…

William Henry Davies from “The Rain

I don’t ever remember mud in July, only dust.

The sun is finally predicted to come out from behind the clouds tomorrow and stay for awhile.  Until then we continue to see copious bleak tears spilling unchecked from a shrouded heaven.  Wet cracking cherries have hung unripe for a week, untouched even by the birds who know to wait for a sweeter day.

Nothing now illuminates these perfect round spheres as they roll off leaves and petals to huddle puddled together in community on the ground.  The wait for Light is long.

It will come sooner than I can imagine, that moment of seeing a glistening crystalline reflection of the universe in a droplet, when Light returns undimmed, its taste ambrosial.

4 thoughts on “Each Round Drop

  1. I just love your blog em. I look forward to it most days now. A time of quiet is good for the soul. Glad for the rain the mud is inviting in my garden.


  2. Hi Emily,
    When I saw your raindrop picture, it reminded me of a photo I took last year of a dewdrop hanging from an almond blossom. Early morning is the best time for me to take photo’s on our farm. And how appropriate your words are. And then the way the birds always tell us when it’s time to pick the apricots and plums as they do their taste testing quite well. We left one tree with very small cots just for them. They have left the ones for the fair alone so far. Another day and we’ll need to pick them. :o)


  3. No Emily, our fair starts on July 18th. We’ll pick the greenest apricots and plums and put them in the refrigerator. We need 5 of each that are the same size and shape. Our quince, apples and persimmons will be picked really green, but need to be the same size. When is your fair?


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