The Paradox of Already But Not Yet






If ever you find yourself in the midst of paradox,
you can be sure you stand on the edge of truth.

~Diana Gabaldon from An Echo in the Bone





Tomorrow we begin the season of Advent: the greatest time of year for great mystery and paradox.

One who never left us, came to us, did not leave us hopeless,  yet will come again.
Already, but not yet.

This is the ultimate paradox of our times:
Our Creator God pierces through the veil of humankind to become us, His Image Man;
He comes to live among us to live in us and for us and through us,
to die for us and rise to life again so that we may not die but live.

He has come, He never left, yet He will come again.

When we feel ourselves in the midst of paradox, we find we are on the verge of Truth.
Perhaps enough paradox for one day — standing on the edge of Truth feels a tad overwhelming.

More to come…





2 thoughts on “The Paradox of Already But Not Yet

  1. ‘HE HAS COME.
    That is THE ALL that I have ever needed to know without fully realizing that it is so, and what it means to be His follower….living with expectancy,
    hope, and trust….
    This ‘ALL’ is with me each morning as I rise to meet another day with its as yet unknown joys and troubles.
    And it is with me when I end the day now past, in darkness and silence, thankful to Him that He has granted
    me more time to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him until the time when He calls me Home to be with Him in
    Eternity. MARANATHA, sweet, loving Jesus….

    Thank you, Emily, my sister in Christ. May this Advent be your most blessed and gifted in many ways….

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