Rotten to the Core




First I shake the whole Apple tree, that the ripest might fall. Then I climb the tree and shake each limb, and then each branch and then each twig, and then I look under each leaf.
~Martin Luther

Any election cycle in a free country is indeed a free-for-all, with the loudest and brashest citizens shouting their personal opinions far and wide. This election season has been particularly noxious, with the presidential candidates and their followers talking over and above each other until no one bothers to listen.

Since this time around I have no candidate, my voice is meager in comparison. Some would say I have no say since I refuse to partake of rotten apples.

Yet on election day, each citizen, even the smallest and meekest, has the opportunity to express themselves, quietly and alone in a pas-de-deux between them and their personal ballot.  Their vote, whether checking a box next to a candidate name, or writing in an alternative, is just as significant.

With each news cycle, each debate, each Tweet, we just want to see this election over and done with.  We have shaken the electoral apple tree so hard that all the ripe and bitter and rotten fruit has fallen to the ground.  We then must cope with whatever harvest we reap with our votes.

Rarely do we find near-perfect fruit; this year it is already rotted on the branch, tainted from the start.

Some citizens vote along party lines only; the quality of the candidate is immaterial as long as they have the right party affiliation.  Other citizens turn over every leaf in detailed scrutiny of each candidate’s history and qualifications and vote character over platform.  This year there are citizens like myself who see nothing in the current candidates for president but worm holes leading to a fermented core of character rot.

Rotten to the core doesn’t even make edible applesauce.  It is good for nothing but the compost pile in the hope that the fertilizer of today it will somehow yield better fruit tomorrow.

In my opinion, this time around there is no candidate worthy to lead a country founded on the principles of equality for all individuals as well as preventing the tyranny of government in the personal lives of citizens. The candidates have fostered a confused and too-angry citizenry, divided and divisive, shaking our shared tree for all its worth to see what’s in it for us, thus threatening the life of the tree itself.

The moral foundation of our country is mocked by these deeply flawed individuals who believe they deserve to be in the Oval Office despite their dark personal histories, statements and actions.  This election has become all about them and what they want, not about the integrity our country desperately needs in its leaders.

So I pray for a day when we can set differences aside and raise up leaders who can as well. We must work together to care for the tree that bears the fruit needed for our children’s future. Let’s bury this year’s rot around the roots, water it generously and prune the old dead useless stuff away.  The branches will be stronger, the blossoms hearty and ready for pollination (if there are any bees left), and the resulting fruit more palatable.

Perhaps next time around the worms won’t win.

That’ll be the day.

When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President; I’m beginning to believe it.  ~Clarence Darrow




10 thoughts on “Rotten to the Core

  1. So very well written, Miss Emily.

    I have chosen to vote Libertarian in hopes that the stranglehold these 2 corrupt parties hold on our system may be broken. I he looked at the Libertarian presidential candidate and have a small ray of hope. Having given up on the idea of legislating morality and social justice, I go back to small government and private charities as my hope is only in the LORD.

    May you be blessed and guided in your electoral decisions my friend,



  2. What’s so distressing to me is to see the integrity of Christianity being so damaged in the political arena. Small wonder that so many young people identify as church “nones” and atheists have growing influence.


  3. I agree with the sentiment (and the comment by Rev. McKay) however, we must choose the lesser of the two rotten apples! By not voting we are only pleasing ourselves pridefully in saying “I did not vote for either one.” That is essentially like doing nothing and eating the poison apple.

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  4. And I continue to pray for the future of our Country, our youth….my grandchildren and others; that they will be Godly people, that they will listen to God’s prompting and not be deceived by the ways of the lost.
    God is calling us to be prayer warriors.
    Blessings and love!

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  5. I am very sad after reading today’s post. While I lament the tone of the campaign , the reporting, and what it reveals about us as a nation at this juncture, I believe we must choose between the options we have. Both candidates are flawed, as we all are to some extent; but there are major differences Beyond the necessity of voting is the obligation to work to bring forward the leaders we want. “The world is run by those who show up.”
    Thank you for your beautiful, honest writing. Blessings.

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  6. You wrote: “We must work together to care for the tree that bears the fruit needed for our children’s future. Let’s bury this year’s rot around the roots, water it generously and prune the old dead useless stuff away.”

    Beautifully stated, but what do you mean? How can we “bury this year’s rot around the roots,” when one or the other of these candidates will actually be President next year? I understand about “pruning” (which seems to be what one of the candidates intends to do), but how can you legally and ethically “bury” politicians?

    I completely endorse your disgust and frustration at the turn of events. But, much as I hate to imply a comparison with either candidate, fine words without a defined plan of action are just feel-good fluff.

    My own plan is to (1) hold my nose and vote for the person I feel to be the least awful of the options, (2) try to pay better attention to my local candidates and issues in the future, (3) perhaps actually advocate on one chosen issue, and (4) pray.

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  7. My metaphor suffers — our country will be struggling under the administration of either candidate if they are successful, with the moral vacuum they will bring to the Oval Office so their influence will hopefully be buried in the annals of history and we’ll learn something about how corrupt our party process is in choosing qualified candidates. Thankfully we have three branches of government to create the checks and balances needed to prevent one individual from destroying the office and the country.

    All my adult life I’ve voted for my perceived “lesser of two evils” for president as I have never felt there was a candidate adequate to the demands of the office. I simply can’t bring myself to do so this time as there is no “lesser” in my mind. It is a great burden to come to that realization. Emily

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  8. I must both agree and disagree, for as others say here, we will end up with one OR the other; I don’t see any way out of voting for one to shut the other out. Hence, my lesser-of-two-weevils has a new parameter (for me): We know the good, bad and ugly qualities of one candidate who’s been in the political spheres for decades in many capacities. She is capable of being worked with on issues that demand greater compassion; she is capable of apologizing, backing up, trying. Of the other candidate, we know he has a violent core, he is tyrant material, and is a filthy-minded near-(post-?)adulterer by his own admission. We can live, intact, through 4 years of HC — can we survive DT?


  9. It seems one of most difficult questions in life–how do we make informed decisions when we often don’t have all the information we need to be comfortable with our decisions? This election is chock full of such conundrums, making everyone uncertain. For me, the issue of Hillary Clinton’s email is something I’d like to know more about. Does she belong in jail because of it, as her opponent loudly proclaims? Did she lack confidence in the privacy and security of “normal channels”? Or (and this takes a little imagination but it’s certainly plausible) was it part of a deliberate misinformation scheme hatched by the CIA, an elaborate attempt to deceive our evesdropping adversaries? If that were the case, she’d be pledged to secrecy and it would explain FBI Director Mueller’s pique- historically, the two agencies don’t always share information in a timely manner. So for me, this is a non-issue, because we haven’t been told all we need to know about it, and as a non-issue, it’s not going to affect my November decision.


  10. I can’t help but think that the fault lies within us-Christians in America today. The G.K. Chesterton quote keeps coming to mind. When asked ‘What’s wrong with the world today?’, his answer: ‘I am.’


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