Time at Arm’s Length



Light wakes us – there’s the sun
climbing the mountains’ rim, spilling across the valley,
finding our faces.
It is July,
            between the hay and harvest,
a time at arm’s length from all other time…

It is the time
to set aside all vigil, good or ill,
to loosen the fixed gaze of our attention
as dandelions let seedlings to the wind.
Wake with the light.
Get up and go about the day and watch
its surfaces that brighten with the sun.
~Kerry Hardie from “Sleep in Summer”



During intense election seasons like this one, I find myself seeking safety hiding under a rock where moderates tend to congregate.   There is no political convention for us with rousing impassioned speeches, photo-op embraces for the cameras, or balloons falling on our heads.

Extremist views serve to keep us at arm’s length, to make the opposition appear more clearly the “other.”  There is no discussion of compromise, negotiation or collaboration as that would be perceived as a sign of weakness.  Instead it is “my way or the wrong way” rather than “our way.”

No way.
There is no choosing a “lesser of evils” this time.
When evil is too great, it is never a choice.

And so it goes.  Each election cycle brings out the worst in our “leadership” as facts are distorted, the truth is stretched or completely abandoned, unseemly pandering abounds and curried favors are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enough already.

I’m ready to come out from under the rock,
loosen my attention from campaign and election news
and find the Light on my face.

Thank God there is still a Light to shine in the darkness.




2 thoughts on “Time at Arm’s Length

  1. Amen! Moderates are hoping for the best but heading for the hills during the next three months or join you under the rock. Got room?


  2. Yes, The Light that shows us everything that is visible (and invisible). The Light that guides us safely away from peril (seen and unseen).
    I need to stand in This Light, too, Emily – to cleanse me from all that you cite here that I have been exposed to for the past weeks – and even longer before that, when the present evil was in the making.

    One thought keeps surfacing in my mind, and coursing deep into my soul:
    What we have been witnessing via our ever-present media is a giant mirror reflecting what we have become as individuals and as the nation, the ‘grand experiment’ that was once the envy of the world. What is happening to us? I fear that I already know the answer to that.

    But there IS hope, there is always hope if we but seek The Light of the World to penetrate our souls, cleanse us from the evil that has overcome us, give us new eyes to see what is right and just, and set us on the straight path again.


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