Like Dew



Faith steals upon you like dew:
some days you wake and it is there.
And like dew, it gets burned off
in the rising sun of anxieties,
ambitions, distractions.
~Christian Wiman from My Bright Abyss


Our faith,
refreshed in the light of morning,
can evaporate in the dry stress of the day.
May we turn our faces up
each night, asking to be washed
in the mist of God’s dew,
our anxiety settled like dust.





2 thoughts on “Like Dew

  1. Beautifully and realistically said, Christian and Emily. It seems to be safe for us to take our faith for granted in ‘good’ times. Not as easy, nor as safe in the challenging, chaotic times in which we are now living.
    The Gospel writers report that even Jesus was temporarily affected by doubts during times of temptation and angst. That was the price that he was fated to pay for His decision to become the Incarnate God and to walk with us for a short time, showing us the way and experiencing the human condition in its entirety.

    For as long as I can remember my faith had never wavered. I had a stock answer for everything (supplied by my early Catechism). In recent adult years, however, my faith has wavered. It has been seriously challenged and questioned. As a Christian disciple of Jesus I admit that this situation has caused me to question the ‘faith’ as I learned and practiced it – to seriously question it and to look to the ‘world’ for answers.
    The ever-increasing doubt, anxieties, trauma, fear bordering on terror and hopelessness — in the Church, in our communities and our Nation, and in our ever-shrinking world engender feelings that affect every facet of our lives. We seem to be wandering about in a state of shock and moral inaction, looking for solutions. We seem to be directly on the edge of a precipice that threatens to swallow us all in its vast unknown darkness.

    We began our lives with what is sometimes called ‘tabula rasa.’ From there on our faith is constantly buffeted, tested by the realities of suffering, disappointment, serious temptations that try to turn us away from His Presence, His Spirit within. In desperation, we often think that if we ‘make deals with the world’ that our problems will be solved. Then we discover that we have been duped, deceived by the ‘world’ and the emptiness that it offers.

    Then we are given the gift of true lasting faith that needs to be constantly nourished by prayer that will help us to reinforce our belief that He is always here – with us and for us. And that He will be true to His Word.

    Emily, your lovely suggestion that we ‘turn our faces up each night, asking to be washed in the mist of God’s dew, our anxieties settled like dust,’ is perfect — beginning each new
    day, ready to face its perils and troubles, freshly washed by God Himself!

    Thank you.


  2. Alice, once again you articulate so well the experience of many of is — those few lines by Mr. Wiman helped me understand that wavering faith is part of our existence and not a sign of failing or abandonment by God. We must rehydrate in the living water of His word, regularly and with great thirst. Thank you again for sharing your immense wisdom.


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