Shatter Me



As through a long-abandoned half-standing house
only someone lost could find,

which, with its paneless windows and sagging crossbeams,
its hundred crevices in which a hundred creatures hoard and nest,

seems both ghost of the life that happened there
and living spirit of this wasted place,

wind seeks and sings every wound in the wood
that is open enough to receive it,

shatter me God into my thousand sounds.

~Christian Wiman “Small Prayer in a Hard Wind”


May I,
though sagging and graying,
leaning perilously,
be porous enough
to allow life’s gusts
through me
without being pushed over
in a heap.

So the wind
makes me sing
filling my every crack
and defect,
shattered into pieces,
a mosaic of praises.
~E Gibson

6 thoughts on “Shatter Me

  1. Beautiful . … Just beautiful .
    Thank you for being so willing to share all the insights & soul that you do .
    You truly capture the experience of middle ( plus ! ) age. Your faith weaves through everything you post & / or write. Your light encourages me . We must all keep reflecting His light until that day . Be blessed !


  2. Dear Emily,
    I have always loved old deserted buildings. When I think of the work it took to build such a place, and the pride someone felt when it was all done and the happiness and warm memories shared, it makes it all the more special. Nice poem!


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