Choosing Up Sides



The issue is now clear. It is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side.
~G. K. Chesterton




…our hands have always been able to heal as much as harm. 
…since the dawn of humanity, each of us contains three people—
the angel, the demon, and the one who decides which we will obey.
~Billy Coffey




It shouldn’t take plunging into a profound darkness,
swallowed in a pit of sadness and sorrow
to experience God’s immense capacity for love and compassion,
but that is when our need for light and forgiveness is greatest.

It should not take sin and suffering to remind us
life is precious and worthy of our protection,
no matter how tempted we are to choose otherwise.

We are created,
from the beginning,
in the beginning,
with the capacity to choose sides between darkness and light
and we choose too often to be cloaked in darkness.

Our God chooses to shine the light of His Creation,
to conquer our darkness through illuminating grace,
dispersing our shadows,
suffering the deepest darkness on our behalf
to guarantee we are eternally worthy of His loving protection.

How then shall we choose when He so clearly chooses us?



3 thoughts on “Choosing Up Sides

  1. From a fellow traveler, always grateful and encouraged by your observations, like today’s, that quicken the heart and brighten the eye. Like a spoonful of Nutella, a couple squares of Hershey chocolate, and/or a gulp of M&Ms as we walk the trail set before us. Together.

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  2. Emily, I associate part of your prophetic post today with the subject of ‘spiritual warfare.’ For that IS exactly what we are confronted with — choices that WE, ourselves alone, make between good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. Our Creator gifted us with Free Will that allows us the freedom to make our choices. As Christians, He also claimed us at our Baptism as ‘His’ – to love and to cherish, to protect, to lead, to counsel — all through His holy Spirit, forever faithfully abiding in our souls. This, then, is our protection. If we choose by faith and trust to accept this gift, this sacred assurance, we have all that we need to combat spiritual warfare with its temptation, lies and deceptions that the enemy uses so effectively to try to wean us away from our life-giving protector, Creator and Savior.
    St. Paul gives us some great ‘ammunition’ to use against this marauder – this enemy – this spiritual power of evil, in the Letter to the Ephesians 6: 10-20.

    It is not always easy, or even possible to recognize the ‘enemy.’ One suggestion that I learned many years ago about the ‘enemy; and the powers of darkness is: YOU WILL RECOGNIZE (KNOW) THEM BY THEIR FRUITS. Easy enough to remember, even in today’s culture when we are assaulted by the media with its ‘talking heads’ who attempt to win us to their side of any given moral issue, by politicians who turn us against each other that leads to hatred and violence, and by hypocritical dubious religious sects that claim to have answers to the moral issues we face that, upon inspection, are antithetical to Jesus’ teaching and to His message as relayed to us by the Gospel Evangelists.

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