Empty and Hollow


Experiencing the present purely is being emptied and hollow;
you catch grace as a man fills his cup under a waterfall.
~Annie Dillard from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek




I am often unprepared for the rush of challenges each clinic day brings and lately far into the night.

Each call, each message, each tug on my arm, each box of kleenex handed over, each look of hopelessness  —  I empty continuously throughout the day to try to fill the deep well of need around me.   If I’m down and dry, hollowed to the core with no more left to give, I pray for more than I could possibly deserve.

And so it pours over me, torrential and flooding, and I only have a mere cup to hold out for filling.  There is far more cascading grace than I can even conceive of, far more love descending than this cup of mine could ever hold, far more hope ascending from the mist and mystery of doctoring,  over and over again.

I am never left empty for long.  The hollow is hallowed, filled to the brim and spilling over.



6 thoughts on “Empty and Hollow

  1. And I pray that you continue to feel your cup overflowing throughout the day. May God feel I’m worthy to be used today. His will bring done over and over.


  2. Your work sounds terribly hard! Very thankful that your spiritual life is so strong and helpful. Is there any happiness in your work that you can share? Diann.

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  3. The hallowing of the hollow. Cascading grace, descending love, ascending hope. I love your words teasing out God’s inexpressible for us. Much gratitude to you, Emily.


  4. Thanks Em, All it takes is a cup of water to a stranger….
    You brought tears to my eyes identifying with the present and the overflow for the years we worked together.


  5. His Grace is always timely, compassionate, never measured out, but given freely and abundantly….over and over and over again.


  6. Brings to mind a passage I love: Deep is calling on deep in the roar of waters. Your torrents and all your waves swept over me.


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