A Special Mention


Thank you,  Ann Voskamp,  for linking to this Barnstorming blog over the past two years,  sharing my photographs of our farm and the surrounding scenery of Whatcom County with thousands of your readers around the world. Just this past weekend over 2000 of your special people came to visit Barnstorming in our little corner of the web, and many of them have stayed on to chat on our farm porch as well as yours.

If you have not visited Ann’s blog before, you must.  Look for “Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for your Weekend” every Saturday on  “A Holy Experience” and look for her stories during the week, along with news about her upcoming book.

Ann has transformed many lives through her open-hearted witness of her own transformation. As one of those broken people aching for gospel glue to pull my pieces together, I am indebted to her remarkable wisdom and grace.

Blessed by all who visit here and by Ann who led you here,

Emily from Barnstorming

Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [10.15.16]



6 thoughts on “A Special Mention

  1. i, too, found you on ann’s blog. i have had the privilege of meeting her twice. she is exactly who she says she is…real…honest…and broken like the rest of us. ordered her new book weeks ago, and have given away many copies of “a holy experience”. both of you have such a way with a camera, too! it is a joy for me (and my daughters and husband) to enjoy the blessed words you both impart to us less wordy ones! we serve and are loved by an a.m.a.z.i.n.g creator GOD!!


  2. I first discovered Barnstorming last winter quite by “accident” while looking for some images of ploughing fields by horse. It was a season in my
    life where the Lord took me into deep places for healing of my soul. I know
    of course it was no accident I stumbled
    across your blog. How Blessed I have
    been ! I thank you for all of it. Recently
    I discovered the writings of Ann Voskamp too! What a Blessing and in
    some ways no surprise she and you have connected. I love how God orchestrates it all ☺️ Bless you so much …Linda from Vancouver island


  3. Ann has had the most profound impact on my spiritual walk. I treasure her insight, and yours. Thanks for what you do, and thanks to Ann. May God bless you both for helping as we walk each other Home.♥


  4. Emily, I’m so thankful that ann led me to you and that you’ve pointed people to ann. You both have a powerful ministry. Thank you!


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