This Sunlit Ride





Although the snow still lingers
Heaped on the ivy’s blunt webbed fingers
And painting tree-trunks on one side,
Here in this sunlit ride
The fresh unchristened things appear,
Leaf, spathe and stem,
With crumbs of earth clinging to them
To show the way they came
But no flower yet to tell their name,
And one green spear
Stabbing a dead leaf from below
Kills winter at a blow.
~Andrew Young, “Last Snow”

The snow is ice-encrusts the morning
before it bids farewell under warming sunlight.
Winter encasing spring
grasping one last moment
of timelessness.






One thought on “This Sunlit Ride

  1. The beauty and reality of the photographs caught my eye first. Then, after leaving the site, something clicked and I went back to look again. The imagery made me think of what our frozen hearts must look like to God when we shut out others — in violence, anger, mis-understandings, hatred, jealousy — all those self-imposed impediments that keep us from loving each other as children of the Kingdom – a Kingdom purchased at a terrible price. Most tragic for us, I think, is when we allow our frozen hearts to shut Him out of our lives — He who has provided everything that we need, mostly Himself, as nurturer, lover, friend, faithful presence. What joy there must be in Heaven to see a human heart thaw, returning to its innate goodness as the Creator intended.


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