Lenten Grace — Wilderness Waiting

photo by Josh Scholten
photo by Josh Scholten

This is the wilderness time,
when every path is obscure
and thorns have grown around the words of hope.

This is the time of stone, not bread,
when even the sunrise feels uncertain
and everything tastes of bitterness.

This is the time of ashes and dust,
when darkness clothes our dreams
and no star shines a guiding light.

This is the time of treading life,
waiting for the swells to subside and for the chaos to clear.

Be the wings of our strength, O God,
in this time of wilderness waiting.
– Keri Wehlander from “600 Blessings and Prayers from around the world” compiled by Geoffrey Duncan


4 thoughts on “Lenten Grace — Wilderness Waiting

  1. This is so fitting for me … so much of my life is in the waiting room – we are waiting to build our house, waiting for our pony to get better so the kids can ride him, waiting for my book to be released, waiting for my kids to learn Spanish and for my daughter to fit in better, so many things …. it’s been a long year – a lot of loss. I didn’t realize until I was on my morning walk how deeply I needed this wilderness season. I’ve been trying to rush everything onward. But in deeper reflection, I’ve needed to come to rest in this time of waiting, of taking off the old in order to prepare for the putting on. We can’t drink the new wine unless we’re willing to receive the new wineskins … and I haven’t been. I’ve wanted the old wine, believing it was the best. Funny me, I forgot that nothing God does is less than the best, no where that he leads is less than right and good and live-giving. He has my family in the wilderness waiting, watching, praying – to prepare us for that which is to come, to ready our hearts. Blessings.


  2. oh Tina, I know the feeling all too well, the feeling of being unfinished and impending. Now at this point in my life, with children grown and launched, there is a sense of “settled” but my restlessness persists. My wilderness is more internal than I understood before. May you rest easier in your wilderness.


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