Everything is…


…anything can be written about. Not because nothing is sacred, but because everything is.
~Billy Coffey

Too much on the internet is “anything goes” because nothing is considered too sacred to be dissected, illustrated, exploited and promoted in as public a way as possible.   Most of it is so cringe-worthy that it feels very risky to click on any unfamiliar link as it may take the viewer into such a dark corner of the web that it feels impossible to escape.  Once an image is seen, it is difficult to erase from the mind’s eye.

So my little corner of the web is meant to be in the light, instead of a portal into dark.

Over the years I’ve written about many things that are personal, whether it is mistakes I’ve made, overblown worries, my parents’ marriage, health care controversies, forgiveness, and surprisingly, the page that gets the most visits on my blog: my horse’s bodily functions.

Even horse poop can be seen as sacred…I guess.  At least someone must think so.

Some things are just too sacred to be written down, and because I hold them close in my heart, they will stay that way.

2 thoughts on “Everything is…

  1. Just keep on doing what you have been doing, beautiful woman. That is what makes you and what you share with your readers so special. (I wanted to be sure that I was using the adjective that I believe best describes you so I checked it out in Webster’s dictionary. Here are the synonyms that I found for the word “special”: distinctive, unique, exceptional, highly valued.) Yep, I chose the corrrect word — as did the first commenter today.
    May our loving God continue to inspire you.


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