Mended As If By Glue

photo by Josh Scholten
photo by Josh Scholten

Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue.
~Eugene O’Neill

We are born hollering,
already aware
of our emptiness
from the first breath,
each tiny air sac bursting
with the air of our fallen world
that is never quite enough.

The rest of our days are spent
filling up our empty spaces
whether alveoli
or stomach
or synapse hungry for knowledge,
still hollering and heart

So we are mended
through healing another,
sewn up ourselves
by knitting together
the scraggly fragments of lives,
becoming the crucial glue
boiled from gifted Grace,
all holes made holy
when filled
so wholly.


4 thoughts on “Mended As If By Glue

  1. I haven’t the words to adequately describe the beauty of what you have written here and how deeply it affects me. It is so clear that it comes from deep within your soul and from your knowledge of human nature. O’Neill’s quote and Josh Scholten’s photo further deepen the import of your words. Dear God, Sweet Jesus, we do so need each other. Why do we not always recognize that immutable truth? Why do we contiinue to believe that we can “go it alone” on our perilous human journey?


  2. So much beauty in your written words…so much truth. And I go about starting to make another quilt; one of red, pink, a bit of white, hearts, love, a splash of green. Fabrics cut apart, then stitched together with prayers of love to the child this will wrap around. Reminders of God’s love surrounding us, holding us close if we listen.


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