Even Me

photo by Josh Scholten

There is not one blade of grass, there is no color in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.
John Calvin

It is too easy to become blinded to the glory surrounding us if we allow it to be routine and commonplace.  I can’t remember the last time I celebrated a blade of grass,  given how focused I am mowing it into conformity.  Too often I’m not up early enough to witness the pink sunrise or I’m too busy to take time to watch the sun paint the sky red as it sets.

I miss opportunities to rejoice innumerable times a day.  It takes only a moment of recognition and appreciation to feel the joy, and for that moment time stands still.  Life stretches a little longer when I stop to acknowledge the intention of creation as an endless reservoir of rejoicing.   If a blade of grass, if a palette of color, if all this is made for joy, then so am I.

Even colorless commonplace me.

So am I.

photo by Josh Scholten

2 thoughts on “Even Me

  1. Thank you, Emily. John Calvin is perceived by many as somewhat dour and “Calvinistic,” whatever that means, yet your quote opens new light on Presbyterianism. I am particularly dismayed by those Westboro Church folks (I spent much of my growing up in a Baptist chuch and I refuse to refer to them as Baptists) who are intent on taking the joy our of Christianity. A group was scheduled to picket some churches here today because “of their touchy feeling goodness” attitude. The seemingly simple solution would be to ignore them, as they are obviously more interested in media attention than saving souls from hell, but the risk of ignoring is to infer acceptance.

    A few weeks ago, I found a sign on Facebook that suggested, “Live your life so that the Westboro Church People would want to picket your funeral.” I shared it to my wall and proudly stand behind it; I would even encourage police chief Willams to reserve some parking space for them — maybe in the median of Briley Parkway!!! Bring ’em on!!!

    The joy in every blade of grass; every pebble of gravel; every tiny little winter blossom that one has to study on one’s knees. Every element of the Creation is a proclamation of joy and praise for the Creator. Maybe I need to go back and read John Calvin closer!!


  2. I am down on my knees this morning ,enjoying the cool breeze, before it gets hot again , pulling out weeds from the garden to make sure the squash and tomato plants don’t have to compete for the water , in these hot summer days , I see the beauty in the earth in the smallest critters … a daddy long legged spider walked across my worn gloves that have holes in the fingers and I wonder why do I bother to wear them at all , right by the red roses along the edge of the onion patch a tiny snake is trying to slither pass us and my tiger cat named Peaches , sees it and wanted to slap it and play , but instead jumped after a butterfly that landed on the blossoms of the red potatoes … the snake gets away … yes it is good to take time to really see all the colors and the wonders if only we slow down enough to dig in the rich dark brown dirt and watch the cat play …


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