What Will Be Required

photo by Josh Scholten

“He will wipe the tears from all faces.” It takes nothing from the loveliness of the verse to say that is exactly what will be required.
Marilynne Robinson

Someone precious to our family is dying, after living a long and faithful life of loving devotion and service to God and the people she cared for and about.  There are tears being shed by those of us watching her grow weaker and drift farther from the shore of the living, hour by hour.  Her hands are still warm as we hold her firmly, asking her to open her eyes, acknowledge we are near, not depart from us quite yet.

But her goodbye will come soon and more tears will be shed.  We will have lost our anchor of over eight decades and will be adrift in the flood of our weeping.

He knows this is what is required of the living, so is prepared, shoulder and sleeve and hanky at the ready, to stem our flow and wipe away our every tear.  Death shall be no more, nor shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain.

As we watch her gathered into His arms and carried away, we know it is lovely and it is good.

And for that we weep tears of joy.

3 thoughts on “What Will Be Required

  1. Tearfully, I write this… My own mother is in her mid 80’s and I know that one day, I will receive that dreaded phone call… there is no preparing for it…other than to tell her every day that I love her… I have told her to look for me when she is on the “other” side… I am so sorry for your loss…our tears are evidence of the love that we hold.


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